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You are probably wondering what’s the deal with Pertobello? Did she retire? If so, that picture of her makes her look really young. 
No, I did not retire. Here are the reasons you haven’t seen an update in awhile:
I went to a couple concerts and got in touch with my love of music again.
I went on a self-finding journey and discovered my purpose in life and my place in this world.
I made up with an estranged parent.
I saved some kids from drowning.
Here are NOT the reasons why you haven’t seen an update. Repeat, the following list is comprised of NOT THE REASONS why I haven’t updated:
Can’t think of a good first line.
Staying up late watching Zoolander commentary.
So that is the jist of what I’ve been up to (and NOT up to).  Anyway, let’s get this show on the road!
Thor is a movie about the Norse god of Thunder. If you don’t know about the Norse gods, I strongly urge you to read “The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul” by Douglas Adams. I laughed my head off all the way through, and sidenote, it was my deepest inspiration for becoming a writer someday. No jokes. 
When the movie was about to start, Joel said to me, “aw man. I bet the movie is just going to start out in Asgard, then most of it will take place on stupid Earth.” and I said, “Yeah, who wants to see a movie about Stupid Earth anyway. What’s Asgard again?”
And I will not spoil for you how it looked in the movie because I googled movie pics and I couldn’t find any. But I can tell you this, it was amazing! The sky, the rainbow bridge, the castle with all its golden decor: absolutely stunning. It wasn’t eye candy. It was eye FEAST. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, each with fresh-baked desserts. The whole eye shebang.
Not to mention the other world, Jotunheim, where their enemies the Frost Giants dwell. It was a dazzling Antarctic landscape with a hint of chilly darkness.
Oh and you’ll be happy to know that the movie did not focus too much on Stupid Earth. There was a careful balance between a lavish fantasy world and the daily, gritty problems of being a plain old human in the American south.
The gods were certainly not perfect though. When the Ancient Greeks came up with stories to explain life’s phenomena, they specifically wanted their gods to be real people. They wanted them to make mistakes and to let pride get in the way of their decisions. And it is the same with the gods from Asgard. Humans love the human factor, and Thor delivered it.
Odin (Anthony Hopkins) is the King of Asgard, and he has two sons, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Thor is slightly more aggressive and beligerant. The other, Loki, fits the role of the Thinker of the two. The problem is that the aggressive, beligerant one is also charming and lovable, and the Thinker son is more introverted and broody. Isn’t that always the case? Loki, we’ve talked about this. If you want more friends, you gotta put yourself out there!
When Thor is made the new King, a short glimpse of Loki with his eyes to the floor demonstrates that he is not happy for his brother. Loki is not in Asgard anymore. He is in Brood City.
Meanwhile, Jane and Darcy (played by the lovely ladies Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings) are tracking strange weather patterns in Roswell, New Mexico. AND LOOK. A tall blonde, hunky dude has landed on their truck. Wait, is that? IS THAT?! IT’S THOR!!
And that is as much as I’m going to reveal about the plot for now.
Things I really liked about the movie:
The little details in the acting: 
When Loki convinces Thor out of committing wreckless violence (his favorite activity), Thor stands and thinks for a long time while the Frost Giants are watching. Director Kenneth Branagh, thank you! You don’t know how much I appreciate this in a movie. Hollywood is so afraid of making the audience wait 20 seconds because we might say, “I don’t have time for this thinking. Thinking gives you wrinkles!”, then toss our popcorn behind us and storm out. When the truth is, we love the tension. We might not know it, but we do.
Other good details:
Both Thor and Loki are good at looking hurt (but still macho) when dealing with betrayal and disappointment.
Thor was still a gentleman when he was on the Earth. He did not act like a crazy douche when he first landed, with Jane hating him at first, then in two days he magically becomes the perfect guy. NO. He was already a good guy. You totally want to be his friend and go on adventures with him! He just has flaws that really need to be corrected. Which is something that  helps the audience to genuinely root for Thor and Jane as a couple, instead of the common trend in movies where you’re not sure what they see in each other but hey, they are spending lots of time together. It must be true love!
People actually learn lessons in the movie! Which may be old fashioned, but again it appeals to us because in real life we learn from our mistakes and we know what it’s like to decide things rashly and regret it later. And it’s in the tradition of these old stories that hubris be punished and corrected.
There is a character named Erik who references the old stories of Asgard from children’s books he used to read. I liked this for two reasons: the makers are not taking credit for the premise, and it shows how these stories are timeless.
And this movie was timeless. By sticking to the traditions of a good story, and refusing to embrace some of the current trends of Hollywood, Kenneth Branagh has made a movie that families will actually buy WITH MONEY, keep on their shelves and watch from time to time. It will not be just another graphics-crazy movie that was neat but then was soon forgotten. Although the graphics are crazy.

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